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At Bister, we are eager to develop tasty products with a thoughtfully considered environmental impact. Our partnership with Farm For Good plants the seed for a broader project: reinstating mustard cultivation in Belgium. An age-old expertise, revitalized today by local farmers.

Our 100% Belgian, organic mustard, made from Belgian mustard seeds, is the result of this partnership with a network of farmers who champion the values of territorial cooperation, sustainable economy, and solidarity. Today, 77% of Belgian organic seeds are used in the production of our Bister Bio mustards.

Thanks to this partnership, we support local agriculture in sourcing our raw materials. The sunflower oil used in our 100% Belgian mayonnaise recipe is sourced from Belgian agriculture (specifically from our partner Alvenat in Ciney): the sunflower fields are located within a 50km radius of our factory (mainly in the Walloon region), the egg yolks come from free-range chickens in the country, and the final touch of mustard is part of our expertise since 1926. The joy of working with local producers, combined with the benefits to the planet from local production, adds that unique extra: the true Belgian taste!

A Thoughtful Ecological Impact

That’s not all! Aware of the environmental impact of plastic waste, we use recycled glass and plastic for our packaging. Our plastic lids have also been replaced by more aesthetic, practical, and durable metal alternatives.

New Factory, New Infrastructure

Very soon, our new factory will open in Suarlée, at the heart of the Namur region, the historic cradle of Bister. For this construction project, we have opted for sustainable solutions: photovoltaic panels, a biogas system for organic waste and wastewater, use of NEP.

Resolutely forward-looking, a pilot farm is at the heart of our project. It will allow us to test innovative crops, embrace expertise, and work with local partners over the long term. The factory will be open for visits, as well as the fields of the pilot farm. We will share more soon and look forward to welcoming you!