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Quality, tradition, family and ‘Belgitude’... Since 1926, we have been proudly upholding the values that built Bister’s name and fame. Our range of mustard, sauces and piccalillis has been handed down through the generations and is firmly planted in the Belgian culinary and cultural landscape... and in every gourmet’s fridge.

Led by one flagship product, The Impériale mustard, our gastronomic epic began in 1926 and continues to grow and diversify day by day, combining heritage and innovation, sweet emotions and bold flavours.

Our catalogue now includes 19 sauces and mustard, all made in Belgium, 5 of which are entirely ORGANIC. Tasting them, combining them and cooking them is a way of honouring the famous ‘taste of Belgium’ that has been delighting young and old alike for almost a century.

Always presented in the iconic grenade-shaped jar, our Bister mustard and sauces are the intriguing guests invited to every Belgian party.



Bister pays the utmost attention to the quality and origin of its products: our ingredients are steadily checked to guarantee your food safety. Check for yourself: organic or not, our mustard and sauces contain only what is needed to deliver the flavour you love so much. No more, no less.


From the very beginning, Bister has created a signature flavour that carved out a place for itself in every gourmet’s kitchen. This inimitable, authentic taste has not aged a day. And the reason? Scrupulously respected recipes based on ancestral know-how. Our craftsmen and cooks remain the proud heirs of cherished savoir-faire.


Whether we’re talking about the origin of the name, the size of the company, the use of our products in recipes that were handed down for generations, or the fond memories associated with the jars—family values are always at the heart of our business. Conviviality, moments of sharing and loyalty, that is what authenticity is made of.


Just mention mustard, mayonnaise or piccalilli. What pops into every Belgian’s mouth, then, is the famous taste championed by Bister. Flavours from our childhood, unchanged recipes and jars that are ready to burst. We call in Bister to spice up popular dishes, on-the-go vinaigrettes or our long aperitifs, going hand in hand with a way of life that is both delicious and simple. In short: à la belge.



We all know Bister for its taste, but what about its iconic packaging, the famous ‘grenade jar’? Where does it come from? In the post-war period of the late 1940s, the first self-service shops rose to prominence. That is also when this pretty faceted jar made its entry on the shelves. While today the idea of a container based on the Mills grenade model may seem distasteful, we need to look back at the context of the time: this grenade, used by the Belgian and American armies, had just been used for the liberation. A powerful symbol indeed!

Of course, the whole idea, straight from the mind of François Bister, was also to play on the explosive spiciness of mustard. Opening a Bister jar will detonate your taste buds, that was the underlying message. A stroke of marketing genius, no?

Ever since then, the jar has been registered as a trademark. The original mould still belongs to the company. Only one small change has ever been allowed: in the interests of the environment, Bister decided to say goodbye to its plastic lids and replace them with metal ones. The result: less waste, and the additional option to reuse the jars for your homemade preparations!