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A common engagement for quality and durability

The collaboration between Bister, with its Belgian heritage rich in authentic flavours, and Farm for Good, an organisation dedicated to organic farming and soil conservation, is a perfect example of synergy between tradition and innovation. Bister, as Farm for Good's first partner, has paved the way for a fruitful union where quality and sustainability meet, and has also contributed to the relocation of crops, bringing production closer to consumers.

Bister: quality ingredients

At Bister, the quality and origin of ingredients are crucial. Each product, whether organic or not, is made with the finest ingredients, guaranteeing not only food safety but also the preservation of the unique flavours that made the reason for Bister’s renown. This commitment to quality resonates perfectly with the values of Farm for Good, which advocates farming that respects the environment and natural resources.

Family spirit and Belgian taste

Family spirit and conviviality can be found in every Bister product. The 'Belgian taste' - a combination of simplicity and indulgence - blends harmoniously with the values of Farm for Good, where community and support for local farmers are essential. Together, we share a commitment to production methods that respect and enrich our culinary heritage.

Priority to local production (Local production as a priority)

In 2023, our 100% Belgian organic mustard has been produced from mustard seeds grown in 18 farms in Wallonia. Around 50 hectares of seeds were grown while committing to the respect of the communities and the environment. For 2024, we are planning on cultivating 150 hectares in collaboration with 35 Belgian farms.

Bister and Farm for Good : pioneers of a sustainable, tasty and local future

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